May 02, 2010

Trends Autumn/Winter '09-'10 : Capes

This Red Riding Hood meet Batman-inspired trend is making an elegant comeback in mini and maxi lengths, in a variety of colours and from satin and fur to wool and leather - buttoned or loose styled. It can be either tiny and tailored or...


                                 ...big and dramatic.

But forget Red Riding hood, this winter’s capes are more constructed and this side of being a jacket. The shoulders are often accentuated and rounded with a military feel and the oversized blanket style capes come in tweed felted wool.

Looking to hide a belly or heavy hips ? Capes are your best bet cover up. Bear in mind: capes don't look good with baggy clothes, so keep it fitted underneath and keep any flair on the bottom.

How to wear it?

Over pencil skirts, leggings, fitted pants/jeans and

  accessorize with on trend gloves, platform heels and embellished handbags.

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