May 17, 2010

Shoe Trends: Autumn/Winter '09-'10 (Part 1)

Like their clothing lines, designers have mainly gone for quality, simplicity and style.
Of course, there are certainly no rules without exceptions. Designers like Cesare-Paciott, Alexander McQueen, Guo Pei and Balenciaga ignored the doom and gloom and had a little fun.

Sometimes, I wonder if these designers actually like women, because some of these shoes...I do declare! But..."in the name of fashion daaahrlings!

Top Trends for Winter Boot Trends 2010

Embellished Boots (chains, studs, sequins, buckles, zippers)

A trend that moved from clothing to shoes...

Furry Details

No one can ever convince me that these are in anyway stylish or tasteful but house of Chanel disagrees and there they were....

Ruffles and Bows

Another one of those micro trends that extends from the clothing lines to the shoes. Love those Harajuku Lovers black and white dobsons with the bow tie!

                                     Western Style

 Last season, I was not feeling these. But, I'm warming up to them some...

Ankle Boots

Gwen Stefani over at L.A.M.B showed love for the ankle boot. Every model had on a pair from her range.

This winter season, the ankle boot is a little lower than usual. More like a shoe than a boot. Which makes a lot of sense when you consider that the ankle boot will very much still be around, come spring season.

These open toe ones will come in handy - then.

Like the thigh high boot, you can wear these with anything and everything.

Biker Boots

I love these when worn with dresses instead of the usual jeans!

And if you're not a fan of the masculine rugged shapes, try the more feminine heeled version. Those Kurtgeiger spike heel ones are cute.

Over The Knee Style

Local retail buyers have been caught napping on this trend. I'm only spying them at smaller boutiques (exorbitant prices!).
Pity, because you can wear these with everything and they always add that X-factor to any outfit. Yum!

Slouchy Styles

This is a style that's been aroung for several seasons and I'm not mad at that.

They give a casual pair of jeans that "I'm going to get some milk & bread but I'm looking cute while doing it" vibe and can also be dressed up for a night out.

Flat and Riding boots

Since the jodhpur made a visible return on the catwalks, it's to be expected that flat and riding boots would be favoured by style makers.

These are a suburbian house wife staple :-) 

They look great with jeans, skirts and dresses AND they are easy on the feet - making pushing a Woolies troley, balancing a toddler on your hip and rushing for that wash and cut appointment, while still looking put together - a breeze ",)

Wedge Boots

These were already around last winter season.

If you already have a pair, hold on to them.

Lace Up and Spiky heeled boots

I love these! There's something deliciously Victorian about spiky lace up boots. 

Reminiscent of ladies in long cinched at the waist dresses and little fierce hats or cheeky lacy garter belt wearing and high kicking Can-Can dancers.

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