May 11, 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010 dress trends

There was nothing exciting and new where dresses were concerned on the fall winter 2010 runways. Like everything else, the pieces were timeless and stylish. Dresses and skirts came mainly in the usual black and brown staples.

Only a few designers like Mui Mui and DKNY added a dash of colour.

Over all, PRADA and DKNY were the houses that rocked my world with their dresses.

The designs were simple and minimal. The lengths were either a stylishly modest and ladylike knee length (Prada’s were DE-vine and those FIERCCCE beehives and librarian glasses!) with high waists or super short lampshade cuts. Perfect mates for that winter coat.

Often semi-fitted, day-dresses looked good with either A-line or tulip skirts and they were cinched at the waist. The trend is for the skirt silhouette to widen into fuller prom and crinoline styles, especially for daywear.

Due to high boots, over the knees and strong shoulders that went into fall winter 2009/2010, some designers opted for full short lampshade skirts to balance out proportions,

while others stuck with classic body-skimming minis and pencil skirts.

Dresses didn’t escape the strong shoulder trend and with beautiful results.

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