May 26, 2010

Shoe Trends: Autumn/Winter ’09-’10 (Part 2)

For winter 2010, the ankle boot and the over the knee boot are the king and queen respectively, where shoe trends are concerned. The form of the shoe this winter is more conservative and practical. Couturiers chose quality, simplicity and style over last season’s experimental spirit. Yes, blame it on the recession.

As a shoe and handbag fiend, I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t anything ‘new’ to see. That said, there were definitely beautiful shoes that made me catch my breath. Let’s look at the main shapes and styles that walked down the ramp.
The colour: This season, the colours are in the lines of black, midnight blue, dark violet, petrol, dark green, asphalt and deep reds. I like the lovely purples, berries and earth tones that made a showing too.

There are also nude colours like beige, grey and taupe which are in contrast to these dark shades.

Metallic shoes translated well from clothes to bags to shoes.

The two-toned shoe has also made a come-back.

The heel – Continuing from Spring/Summer 2009, the hot favourites were 6-inch stilettos, (because I’m not a fan of the pain factor of stilettos, I’m glad to see that particular heel going the platform route (and I don’t mean the toe to heel 90’s version of a platform *shudder*). Yours truly can now partake fully! Love those Guccis.

square and trapezoid heels,

and the block heel - the higher the better.

Although the wedge heel was predominantly seen on boots, some designers showed it on shoes too.

The form – The hottest forms were iron tips,

the square toe style and

rounded oval shapes like mary-janes.

Taking cues from the dandy trend, brogues and oxfords were also visible on the catwalk.

The detail – Details were kept to a minimum, in contrast to spring/summer ’09. Fringe, studs, zippers, flowers, ruffles, feathers, lace and sequins made a lovely transition from clothing ranges to the shoes.

Though I’ve never been a big fan, this year’s animal prints/skin shoes 

won me over.

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