March 01, 2010

Favourite Audi Fashion Week picks .... (Winter 2010) 5

@ Fundudzi, Craig Jacob's collection was inspired by the 'diverse urban living styles in Africa'. It was called Urban Africa. Conscious of waste, recycled blankets and upholstery off-cuts were used. Impressive!

The collection was divided into three segments termed: Northern Exposure (cool blue tones, purple and slate), Eastern Promise (rose, orange, black, pale yellows, greens, brown and golden hues)..and Southern Spectacle (brights, purples and pinks).

Featured fibres: Soy, bamboo fibres and hemp and pineapple silk.


Ok, so I continue to stalk the Abigail Betz store in Rosebank. On a bad day, just walking into that space and feasting my eyes on her clothes perks me up. She didn't 'wow' me this season, but I still left her show with a smile on my dial. The draping was lovely and the pieces were highly multi functional.


According to Abigail Betz "This collection is a love story - a celebration of life and love and the one you are with." Enouh said.


"Alice in Wonderland in her thirties" was the inspiration @ Doreen Southwood's collection. On hearing this, you'd be expecting 'costumes' right? I did. But the collection consisted of very wearable and softly sculptured pieces. Two tone shirts were worn under tiered dresses trimmed with sateen. Teamed together, they communicated the two opposites of innocence and reality. Who knew 'banker's shirts' could look this good? 


August was a bit of a yawn until the models came out in oversized men's style shirts (in indigo and grey checks), sans bottoms, with cheeky black stockings and garters. One of the models got to the bottom of the ramp and took off her stillettos. Cute but not nearly enough.

That, was day 2 for me!

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