March 01, 2010

Favourite Audi Fashion Week picks .... (Winter 2010) 4

When I arrived at my seat at Heni’s show, there was a brochure created by him, explaining the inspiration behind his range. It read: "The fur used in this collection is 'recycled' vintage fur, being used for these once off garments that will not be reproduced as the Heni label does not condone the cruelty inflicted on any animals for their pelts". The logic being that no animals were harmed in the making of the collection and only 5% of the fur used was real (Heni inherited it from his grandmother). The rest was faux. My beef (excuse the pun) is that animals were indeed harmed. It might have been vintage years ago, but they were. While fur features throughout the collection and 95% of it is faux, honestly, it was an unnecessary risk to add real fur and get caught in a contentious issue.

Oh, and I absolutely adored his matte black ramp, littered with crushed red petals (he was channelling all things ancient and Persian). It worked nicely, offsetting the rich jewel colours like emerald green, blood reds, royal blue and brown leather that featured heavily. As usual, he stuck to a black base.


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