March 12, 2010

Fashion Ad-mania 1

Now, we all know that fashion ad campaigns are used by labels to sell all kinds of pleasant sensations: Hapiness, Seduction, Dreams, Status etc through their products. Tons of dosh (in the billions....and we're talking dollars) go into conceptualizing and realizing these campaigns, so that the fashion industry can seduce one and all to buy the product. I must say, I have yet to come across an ad that makes me want to drop everything and rush to my nearest designer store. Many have succeeded in creating an urge in me to pick up a camera, get myself an adobe editing suite and many a time, I've day dreamt about knock out concepts and styling....

Before I digress, let me share a few Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaigns that got my attention...

"Altough I love the jackets, I don't care much for the rather accentric and colourful leather dresses. There are garments that just don't translate in leather. But the positioning of models at right angles to each other is something new. I liked the unusual approach to fashion photography taken here."
United Colors of Benetton....
"One of the ad campaigns that were undeniably 'springy'. Tasty colors, Comfy fits and a general 'lets have some fun in the sun' air permeated the campaign. I like!"


Louis Vuitton
"Lara Stone has taken over from Madonna and although the two women have little in common, they both manage to communicate that particular glamour of a Louis lady. The collection is loosely inspired by the idea of 'the New Age traveler' and I really like the green outdoorsy set. It evokes this spirit of peace and love. Lara gave it that Bridget Bardot sexiness. The ad doesn't whispers luxury to you."



" 'you're just too good to true...can't take my eyes off'd be like heaven to touch' Don't you just feel that Frankie Valli song when you look at these images? I had never paid much attention to this Spanish brand before this ad (guess the ad did its job?). All I knew about them was that they specialize in itty bitty fun, sexy and feminine lingerie. I've always had a thing for David Hamilton's photography. The way he uses light and colour to create a specific atmosphere. This campaign was inspired by his work. Intimate, sensual, delicate, soft nude colours and prints, and fresh dewy faces devoid of makeup. Bonito!


Dolce and Gabbana (could never say this without hearing M'adear in my head",)

"After Lara took over from her at Louis, Madge promptly moved on to front Domenico and Steffano's spring ad campaign. This is one of the ads I fell in love with on gut instinct. I took one look at the shot with Madonna hiding half her face with the laundry and I had heart palpitations. Without even thinking about the whys of my infactuation, Steven Klein's photography and the setting went straight to that place in me that worships everything 1940's Italian neorealizm cinema.

Meraviglioso darling, MERAVIGLIOSO!"

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