March 12, 2010

Fashion Ad-mania (Spring/Summer 2010) 2


"So, Karen Elson is the new face of St. John - taking over from Angelina Jolie.

After grouching for a week, I finally came to my senses. Karen is her own way. That red hair is absolutely gorgeous against her milky skin. Love the fact that she doesn't tan it and is working with what she's got. I like the starkness of the setting they've used to highlight the silhouettes. Like that it doesn't distract attention from the clothes.

And well, ok, she does have the look of the quintessential St John woman. Fine."


Celvin Klein Jeans...

"This ad campaign reminded me of the editorials they used to put Cindy Crawford in baaaack in the day. That whole hot man and hot woman-oiled bodies-in designer jeans-thing. The stonewashed had something to do with it too, I suspect. The ad speaks sex...the hot kind...lots of it. Period. Enjoy."

"Weeell...Eva +Jamie Dornan with Steven Klein behind the camera do a good picture make! (could have done with a liiiitle less oil and dirt though...) but all the same - GRRRRRR!"


Francesco Scognamiglio...

"One of the most on trend campaigns. That androgenous but femine at the same time thing he's got going on speaks to me and that sleek pageboy - fierce. Well done, Giampaolo Sgura."


Louis Vuitton (sunglasses)...

Tom Ford took a different approach this time around. For most, the ad campaign wobbles between cool and tacky. Well, I like it. We all know Tom Ford can do glossy but I love this retro 80's calender look thing he's done here. The campaign doesn't take itself too seriously and why not? 99% of the ad campaign out there are absolutely grave about the business of fashion. Let's play a little. Cheers Tom!

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