February 13, 2010

Favourite Audi Fashion Week picks .... (Winter 2010) 2

The Villioti Couture Collection was influenced by foreign and exotic cities. I enjoyed the massive dresses and bridal gowns in colourful prints that communicated a strong feel of South America, India and the Orient. There wasn’t a sense of one overall concept. There was a bit of delicate animal print here and fringed transparency there, bare arms, exposed backs and soft fabrics were used. This combination created movement. The models seemed like they were floating up and down the ramp.

Two students from the Villioti Design Academy showed six outfits (three each). The theme here was black and white, pale blue satin, strong shoulders/sleeves and squared and pinned together origami.

• The hat/scarf head pieces

• The swing era 40’s inspired beaded dress

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