February 13, 2010

Favourite Audi Fashion Week picks .... (Winter 2010) 1

Now, I wasn’t blown away by Machere this season BUT she’s always been a favourite – I’m rather subjective. I loved the local vivid green cotton fabric printed with black elephants she used for her skirts and dresses. There was also a purple with colourful dots . The silhouette was clean – slim cut trousers, pencil skirts, tuxedo jackets and a black fitted dress. She paired these with bright heels. There were also pale gold satins, tulle, silver embossing and gold beading featured in some of the dresses.

• Tulle headpieces held together with beads. She colour-matched these with each garment and clipped them into the hair – VERY stylish.

• A little T-shirt saying 'Kwaito saves lifes' worn with a cape. (Sooo Machere!)

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