February 12, 2010

Baby, it'll be cold outside....soon

So, the tan lines have faded, we're slowly drifting into autumn and The Audi Fashion Week has come and gone. I've been sifting through the designers that showcased their creative forecasts of the upcoming season's trends at the Sandton Convention Center, this year. It's a mixed bag and I have to agree with Elle SA's Chris Viljoen (Elle SA, Dec'09) when he reasons that local fashion designers have to ask themselves a few questions. Are they READY to show at fashion week? Do they know what they stand for and who their potential clients are? Is Fashion Week the correct place for some of the brands? Or is maybe, a showroom and  internet/social media sites the best bets?

Most of the lines left me uninspired. Love the fact that the shows are so accessible though and the fab wine brand Kumkani  (or as my partner in crime was calling it by the end of the evening - "Kooh-mkuh-nee!") kept the Infiniti Methode Cap Classique coming. It was in a blaze of bubbles, that we giddily air kissed and followed the excited stampede to find our seats. These were my favourites....

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