February 09, 2010

Amber Rose's Skinhead PERSONA

SO! My-kel Monroe's PERSONA magazine was launched in September '09, in conjunction with Swaggmedia, mid NY Fashion Week and I have been indulging since November '09. Punted as a digital and print magazine on the pulse of fashion and culture, the press release had this to say about the mag... "PERSONA Magazine will speak to and reflect the thoughts and emotions of critical and creative thinkers of the current mixed generation. With the blues of urban angst and the hues of high fashion, the abstract greens and browns of the underground and eclectic purple sound of electronica, PERSONA Magazine is the prism that enables this generation to view a full spectrum of expression, from the collective conscience to individual awakenings". Mhm. A mouthful. We shall see. Gracing the first cover was none other than Kanye's missus, in all her androgynous hot-boy girl sexiness. Love or hate her, she's THAT chick at the moment. Her dubious kit at the magazine's launch made sure you were looking and those contact lenses? You can't accuse the girl of not trying.
The magazine's first pictorial layout (and the first edition) is themed : American Rebel Vol. 1 and I can't hate. It's provocative AND Dope. The theme was borrowed from the film 'This England' about a group of Skinheads in a 1960's London. Check out the 3 min film comprising of behind the scenes footage taken during the photoshoot.


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