July 26, 2013

Let's go waaaaaay back: Part 1

Waaay-black-when! :)
Was watching an old episode of Moesha this morning and it got me thinking about all those shows that were a big part of my formative years.
1. Good Times
Remember this "Sugar Shack" Ernie Barnes painting?
I didn't quite understand English and I certainly couldn't speak it. But even then, I understood three things: a) Thelma's hair was amazing b) Ol girl had style c) Jay Jay was hi-larious
The 'Kid Dynomite"!
2. The Cosy Show
It was the height of apartheid and a little black girl like myself needed to see this one.
That Mr & Mrs Huxtable love
 And well if not for that, there was always Theo.
Cute and fwaaaaayn Theooo
3. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
I can safely trace my hots for funny boys to this show.
4. Martin
This one needs no introduction. Wazzup...wazzup...wazUUUUUP!
It's Mz Jenkins beeesch!
And who can forget that Martin & Gina kinda love?
 (to be continued)

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