April 20, 2012

Worth the wait

When Drake's video for his album title track 'Take Care' came out on April 6, I had been patiently waiting for two and a half weeks already (that was the promised release date). And boy was it worth the wait. It's been on repeat since.

I already love the Jamie XX produced track. It's pacey yet deceptively languorous at the same time. That Gil Scott-Heron sample....mhm!

The song burns with want and when the drums finally break and Scott-Heron's voice echoes over the pulsating beat - it's like release. It needed a vid that would do it justice and director Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine) didn't disappoint.
Woodkid with the kids!
It's minimal, morose, monochromatic. Lemoine used a falling charred Drake, bull horns, a bull charging, bluejays taking flight, a shower of arrows and beautiful yak fish to tell the story. The vid starts with jagged snowy mountain landscapes but those eventually turn to charred soil. Very elemental. Very high concept.

The director uses tense sinewy slo-mo shots to create tension. It's slow burning yet they made a point of using cold colouring. There's a sense of beautiful sensual restraint and I love seeing Rihanna still.

Unlike your typical hip hop video, nothing much happens but in the end of the four minutes, I feel exhausted. Like I sat through hours of someone telling me a haunting story. It leaves me with a tugging sense of doubt and regret. A fantastic piece of film making.


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