April 21, 2012

From the deepest bottom of my heart...

Hey girls and boys!

Just a quick request: if you'd like to comment on the blogs (and pleeeease do comment on the blogs) please post your comments on the actual blog instead of replying on the e-mail. It makes it easier for me to respond, especially to those lovelies who want some information eg stockists etc. My Gmail has taken to dropping the blog comment e-mails in my spam box and I delete those automatically - resulting to some folks giving me the side eye when I meet them (because I didn't respond to a question! :) Whereas if you post on the blog, I get an alert immediately.

I'd rather keep sending the full e-mails instead of a link to the blog. Makes it easier to read on your mobile.

And thanks for reading. Keep sending the links to your own blogs. I love hearing from you and it's the best way to keep in touch!


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