March 24, 2013

Get bold scene-stealer...!

Not my personal strain of tea but I do love the spirit behind emerging designer, Tzvi Karp's designs...

Bold, Uncompromising, conceptual, experimental, wacky, eccentric and so much fun!
Collection Title: Pop.
"Prior to this collection, my seasonal runway presentations were avant-garde and un-wearable in nature, and the colour palette was grey scale. Venturing into ready-to-wear, I felt as though the shock factor in my transition should embody The Wizard of Oz; beginning in grey scale but gradually, and unapologetically, bursting into rich technicolour. I was very inspired by Pop Art, Edie Sedgwick and the edgy playfulness of Andy Warhol’s underground films. I used brushed mohair dyed in acid colours.
 These were all inspired by the colour composition of Warhol’s silk-screen paintings. This further extended to heavier and transparent textures paired with mis-matched colour leggings. Overall, I had a burning desire to create a sense of fun and excitement on the runway, which I feel has become so musty and dull, that it barely differs from the retail experience. It’s up to young innovators of fashion to fight the forces of high-street and fast-fashion, even if I have to tackle this single-handedly."

The Tzvi Karp woman?
She thrives on taking risks, she is a scene-stealer.The clothes are not meant to make her feel confident, teh clothes are for a confident woman who isn’t afraid to be different or make a bold statement.

Egality, in Parkhurst - JHB.
Images: iFashion

RIP Tata...

When my mother first handed me a copy of "Things fall Apart" I was 13 and pissed off at her for confisticating my Sweet Valley High addition for the week. But I'll always be grateful to her for introducing me to this mind, who gave me a little bit of Okonkwo's spirit so that in spite of every effort made to strip away the ability from me, I hold my head high - proud of my ancestry.

RIP Tata.


March 21, 2013


Because I felt like celebrating my right to stan hard today....
Basics act like they don't know...
Mhm. Yes.

March 14, 2013

Like white on rice...

It's such a gloomy day today. Needed something to brighten things up.
The hair, the sunglasses, the it!
So chic!
love love love...

March 12, 2013

Warning! Steam for your glasses...

Would I prefer this were some random models? YES. Do I like Nick Knight's use of light and the erotic elements of this shoot? YES.
Mag: L'Officiel Homme

Pitures by: Nick Knight

Theme: More exhibitinistic tendencies...
Beautiful shot.
Love the play on textures here.

March 10, 2013

Ladies and gents take your umbrellas out...

... Mr Django and his Lady making it rain!
Mag: LA Confidential, January 2013
Pictures by: Brian Bowen Smith
Theme: Awesomeness :)

March 07, 2013

Me, Baby and the babies...

Two of my fav people + photoshoot = Happiness
Mag: US Vogue, June 2011
Pictures by: Peter Lindbergh
Theme: A weekend away in Puerto Rico...with dem babies :)