March 24, 2013

Get bold scene-stealer...!

Not my personal strain of tea but I do love the spirit behind emerging designer, Tzvi Karp's designs...

Bold, Uncompromising, conceptual, experimental, wacky, eccentric and so much fun!
Collection Title: Pop.
"Prior to this collection, my seasonal runway presentations were avant-garde and un-wearable in nature, and the colour palette was grey scale. Venturing into ready-to-wear, I felt as though the shock factor in my transition should embody The Wizard of Oz; beginning in grey scale but gradually, and unapologetically, bursting into rich technicolour. I was very inspired by Pop Art, Edie Sedgwick and the edgy playfulness of Andy Warhol’s underground films. I used brushed mohair dyed in acid colours.
 These were all inspired by the colour composition of Warhol’s silk-screen paintings. This further extended to heavier and transparent textures paired with mis-matched colour leggings. Overall, I had a burning desire to create a sense of fun and excitement on the runway, which I feel has become so musty and dull, that it barely differs from the retail experience. It’s up to young innovators of fashion to fight the forces of high-street and fast-fashion, even if I have to tackle this single-handedly."

The Tzvi Karp woman?
She thrives on taking risks, she is a scene-stealer.The clothes are not meant to make her feel confident, teh clothes are for a confident woman who isn’t afraid to be different or make a bold statement.

Egality, in Parkhurst - JHB.
Images: iFashion

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