March 19, 2012

J Cole, a hotel room and multi cams..., it's not a porno O_o., nevermind *clears head of filth*

Can't get enough of the Colin Tilley directed, J Cole vid for 'Nobody's Perfect'. For the first 5 or so seconds, it feels like you're about to watch one of those pacy horror films - then that dope guitar riff and heavy base hits. Then I am lost, happily and utterly in the sensory feast that follows.

The track is already such a gift to appreciators of the era that was Timbaland, Missy Elliot and Aaliyah. This vid is just for showing off.  Love it!

Lover the D&G Bomber and Comme-des-garcon 'play' t-shirt

The multicams with bulging eyes, the claymation, the broken keyboard keys, the scenes of J Cole unburdening himself to Missy - his hawt shrink. It's packed tight with symbolism.

Best vid from the Roc Nation artist so far - easy. Great and evocative work from Mr Tilley.

We loooo' the music and all but can I JUST say "Tall glass of something so..." Woof!

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